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Here at Reliance we think a lot about family; we want you to feel like family. To be able to trust us so much that you are proud to feel comfortable with us working in your home, while you’re at work. That’s why we only hire people we know we can rely on to deliver you that peace of mind.

” I have gone through more interviews than I care to count and let go some of the nicest people, because I have a high-standard and that’s okay. You can’t just deliver a smile, you must deliver quality work too! “


– Kelton, Owner

Our well-groomed personnel offer you the following advantages:

  • Quality work delivered on time.

  • Efficiency in analysis and project management.

  • Managers to help you through the entire project.

  • Top-quality materials and well-engineered solutions.



From the scorching days of Summer to icy temps of Winter, the heating and air professionals at Reliance keep you comfortable. It may be time to install a new system to give you the savings and comfort benefits of today's latest technology. Our focus is always to give you excellent service using the very finest parts and equipment. We want you to feel confident you made the right decision working with us. Our years of experience installing every type of heating and air allows us to provide reliable solutions that will serve you well for many years to come. We provide both residential and commercial. Please contact us for a custom designed solution perfect for your building and budget.



It's important to know your heating and air systems are operating properly and with optimum performance. This is needed to satisfy safety requirements. We also make sure your equipment is doing its job economically. Heating and air systems that are not adjusted properly or in need of repair can end up doing a poor job while costing you far more in energy expenses. By providing the testing needed, we can ascertain just what problems exist, if any. We can then make informed, expert recommendations that will keep you and your family safe while giving you improved performance. We offer the same reliable recommendations we would want for our own homes. Please contact us now to discuss testing for your home.



No matter how nice or new your heating and air systems, eventually they are going to require maintenance. The Reliance team can inspect your equipment and perform any needed maintenance. This ensures your heating and air will be operating at peak efficiency on our hottest afternoons and coldest nights. This keeps you and your family safe, puts you in continuous comfort, while saving you money with greater energy savings. We also provide repair services and can be there on short notice when required. The guys at Reliance are your home town heating and air experts you can depend on for honest, expert service. Please contact us to discus your maintenance needs.


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